Home Learning – Week 3

I am still enjoying documenting our week, getting my camera out every day just for a couple of minutes and noting down how I feel as this lockdown progresses.  This is such an odd time, nobody knows what they are doing and the ‘right thing’ looks different for all of us.  Some families have a …

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Home Learning -Week 2

This week I have learned that ups and downs are going to be part of this new normal for a while.  We will have a series of good days, days where I wonder whether school really is the right place for them or whether this home-school life could work for us.  We have a series …

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How can we manage worrying information around our children?

Remembering days outdoors with my friend Sarah @abitofpink and her big girls As we are all well aware by now, we are in ‘unprecedented’ times. Endless news reels, articles, conversations, not only between adults but children too, are hard to ignore. It is impossible to shield our children from the worries and events of the …

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Home Learning – One Week In

The children broke up from school on Friday and the weekend was quiet but didn’t feel that different.  Monday morning came around and I felt prepared, excited even.  I had a schedule, ideas, space and time, the only thing that was missing were children that actually wanted to do any of it.  This first week …

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